Paulo A. V. Borges


Azorean Biodiversity Group, Department of Agricultural Sciences, University of the Azores

Rua Capitão João D'Avila 9700-042 Angra do Heroísmo

Terceira, Azores, Portugal

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I received a Ph.D. in Insect Ecology from the University of London (Imperial College) in 1997 and I am currently leading the Island Biodiversity, Biogeography and Conservation research group (IBBC) and the Arthropod Macroecology Group of cE3c. In addition I am leading the Azorean Biodiversity Group in Azores ( I participated in the development of the Azorean Biodiversity Portal (, a web interface for communicating biodiversity research in the Azorean region to the public.

I am a professor of Ecology at the University of Azores. My research focuses on arthropod macroecology patterns and processes on island ecosystems.

For many years I have been involved in island research using as model system the Macaronesian islands and in particular Azores.

I currently collaborate with several overlapping groups of colleagues principally working on a range of topics in island ecology, evolution and conservation, and on topics in macroecology and diversity theory. These collaborations have included various funded programs focused on: biogeography of islands group - BIG (led by M. Borregaard, University of Copenhagen, and 14 others); ISLANDS - Community Assembly on Remote Islands (led by Christophe Thébaud, CESAB -Center for Synthesis analysis of biodiversity).

My current research is driven by three overarching objectives: i) collect long-term ecological data to investigate the processes affecting patterns of species diversity, abundance and distribution at different spatial scales; ii) use Macaronesia as a model system to investigate ecological and evolutionary mechanisms responsible for shaping island biotas; iii) identify pathways that impact oceanic indigenous assemblages under global change for conservation purposes.

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Institution Associated University of Azores

Research Group Azorean Biodiversity Group (cE3c)

Taxonomic Group Arthropods (Coleoptera; Araneae)

Studied Region Macaronesia (Azores, Madeira, Canary Islands)

H Index of Web of Science 21

H Index Google 32

Islands Arthropods SADs SARs Community Ecology

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