Sietze Johannes Norder


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Since 2016, I am conducting a Ph.D. in the BIODIV doctoral programme by cE3c at the University of Lisbon. I have a broad interest in the biophysical and socio-cultural processes that shape island social-ecological systems. My current research is driven by three overarching objectives: 1) Quantifying Late Quaternary changes in island geographies driven by glacial-interglacial cycles; 2) Understanding the role of these dynamics in shaping present-day island biodiversity patterns; 3) Understanding how historical human-environment interactions shaped present-day island ecosystems and environments relative to baseline dynamics.

In 2010, I finished an interdisciplinary bachelor with majors in human geography and physical geography at the university of Amsterdam. Two years later, I graduated in the MSc. Earth Sciences at the same university. Until starting my Ph.D., I worked as junior lecturer at the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies. 

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Institution Associated Universidade de Lisboa

Research Group Azorean Biodiversity Group - cE3c

Studied Region Macaronesia; Mascarenes

Paleoecology; Late Quaternary changes; Human impacts

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