Silvia Calvo Aranda


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I am broadly interested in understanding the factors that influence actual patterns of species diversity and distribution, both at biogeographic and ecologic scales, especially in the case of taxa with a priori high dispersal ability. During my PhD thesis I have specialized in the study of bryophyte diversity patterns in the Macaronesian region using both available data at a large geographic scale and carrying our field sampling in Terceira Island (Azores) .Because I am highly concerned with the quality of available species datasets, and its influence on our understanding of the geographical patterns of diversity, this is also a key issue present throughout my research career.

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Institution Associated Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales

Research Group Biogeografía Ecológica Integrativa (BEI)

Taxonomic Group Bryophytes

Studied Region Macaronesia

bryophyte taxonomy community ecology ecological modelling island biogeography landscape ecology macroecology

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