Darko Davor Cotoras Viedma


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I am interested on the study of temporal dynamics of diversification using as a model spider radiations on volcanic islands. On my PostDoc I am examining the Tetragnata spiders from the Pacific rim. I am developing NGS methods to obtain DNA from degraded museum specimens for phylogenomic applications.

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Institution Associated California Academy of Sciences / UC Santa Cruz

Research Group California Academy of Sciences (Center for Comparative Genomics and Entomology Dept) / UC Santa Cruz (Paleogenomics lab)

Taxonomic Group Spiders (Tetragnatha and Theridiidae)

Studied Region Pacific rim with emphasis on the eastern Pacific (Hawai’i, French Polynesia, Juan Fernández Islands and Rapa Nui)

adaptive radiations; Tetragnatha spiders; island biogeography; Pacific islands; phylogenomics; population genetics; ancient DNA

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