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Spiders of Azores

The aim of this webpage is to provide information about the spider fauna of the Azores. In time this site is planned to contain images and species descriptions of all species occurring on the archipelago. Images of alcohol preserved specimen will be used until images of live specimens are available. It is hoped to supplement habitus images with images of female epigynes and male palps to enhance the ability of anyone wanting to successfully identify spiders collected on the archipelago. Images shown on this page may not be based on Azorean specimens but spiders collected or observed elsewhere in their distributional range. Many of these images together with the detailed distribution of species on the nine Azorean islands could be accessed in theAzorean Biodiversity Portal. The images taken by Enésima Mendonça were taken under the Project Interreg IIIB Bionatura and a Grant of CITA-A (University of Azores).